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So tomorrow’s episode, BABEL, was written by the Great Charlotte Fullerton and the Talented Kevin Rubio.  You should know that the native languages that Kilowog and Razer speak are not just gibberish, but actual languages devised quickly (and cheaply!) by Kevin. 

There is an English version of everything K and R say.  Check out the pages from the GL preview (so I don’t think this counts as a spoiler). You’ll see there are jokes that don’t make it to screen because they aren’t subtitled.  Pretty cool.

You should know that Kevin has volunteered to liveblog the English translations of the Bolovaxian and Volkregian dialog for both coasts tomorrow morning. 

His twitter is:

Side note: Giancarlo and I wanted to use this gimmick way back in #103, when the Prison Asteroid aurem shuts down Hal and Kilowog’s power rings. It was just going to be a runner.  Executive Producer and mentor Bruce Timm LOVED the idea, but told us we were crazy to do it as a runner, that there’s a whole episode in that concept.

Needless to say, the Man Whose Every Show Is A Hit was right.

Anyway, hope you like it…

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    The amount of work and love that you guys pour into this series shows. I’m proud of being a fantern.
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